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Winter harvest? Thoughts?

Is there a general consensus as far as harvesting the leaves before they fall in the Winter?  I always hate seeing them fall off at this time of year. So I started picking the ones that had yellowed or have yellow on them and easily came off the tree.  are these potentially weaker, stronger or no difference at all? How about harvesting while the tree is blooming?? I notice on the limbs that are blooming the leaves are much smaller.



Leaves curling Browning and falling off

Leaves look like they're drying out and curling at the edges. It looks like it's not getting enough water but it's on a Once A-day regular watering schedule and the ground around it is definitely damp. Any ideas.  This was the 7 footer cut down to 2" from the fire blight disease. I see no evidence of that on the tree





New Video of moving American kratom tree coming!

New Video of moving American kratom tree coming!


New Video of moving American kratom tree coming!…atom-tree-coming/


Well....... It has been one hell of a month. I'm sorry for being so busy guys. I wanted to give a shout out to @peteypyro!!!! We got to hang out last week and came home with 2 of his trees. Had to make 2 separate trips. And what a adventure. We barley got the second one in the van. And took me about 4 hour drive each way. so 16 hours of driving all together. On the first day I met this lady who was selling several trees out on her front lawn. She did not really speak english but was ecstatic to see @peteypyro's tree in the car! She was running around the car taking pictures to show her daughter. I gave her some cuttings and some fresh leaf form our trees. It was absolutely adorable. I love it when I meet other passionate growers who really care about these trees. This was one of the best trips I have had so far. 


Finally blooming

After 4+ years I have my first blooms coming into play and on two of my oldest trees. I have a feeling it's because I gave them a dose of nitrogen


Kratom Turning Black With Spots of Mold

Hi, there!

I got my first kratom tree this year, she was quite small when I got her. She was very healthy. I'm in the Southern hemisphere in South Africa and we are now in the middle of winter where we have an average of 7 celsius. I originally had her growing in a small greenhouse tent and things were going great, but it is now way too windy and had to remove her from it. Her leaves started falling off which I attribute to the drop in humidity. The scary part is that the top part is going black. There are spots of fuzzy mould on her, I have no idea what type it is or if its what is causing the damage. I have now snipped off most of the black part which I perceived to be dead.

Can someone please advise what to do? Should I bring her at night? Should I spray with hydrogen peroxide? Should I cut off more?

Thanks in advance!


Why Do I keep running into weird stuff

Here are a pair of twins they were clone from the same tree at the same time (about 2 years) and they were exactly the same up until the last couple months. Now the one on the right is losing leaves and has bark splitting at its base.. Overall it looks frail and weak weak.

 The other one on the left is doing great but the weird thing about that one is it has 1  Flower. Nowhere else on the tree are there any buds just one lonely single flower.

What the hell man.


Cut a 7 foot tree to 2 inches

This was one of two trees that had fire blight. Killed the first one but the second one look like it was surviving it. I thought about keeping it to see if it would make it, but I was afraid it could spread to the other trees. Should be an interesting experiment to see what the tree does.

This is what fireblight looks like. Well at least that's what I currently believe it is until I learned otherwise.



Broken branch repair

My container trees have been tipping and I’m starting to get a lot of broken branches. Sometimes the break is near the branch tip which if fine since it will keep growing. But some branches end up splitting like this one. 

I hate to lose an entire branch so I’ve started using electric tape to mend the break.  Basically I just line it up as best I can and then wrap the tape around fairly tightly. The tape is flexible enough to give a little as the branch heals and grows. 

I’ve done this a few times and so far all the repaired branches seem to be fine. No browning leaves and tips still producing.

If this branch survives I’ll post another pic when it’s time to remove the tape.


End of Summer Clones

Picked up a Super Sprouter propagation kit last month and started a new batch of clones.

Pretty much the same technique I’ve been using - Start with a healthy tip.

Strip off all the leaves except the top two and snip most of those to reduce transpiration. Then make a clean 45 degree cut below the bottom node.

Dip the stem in rooting hormone. I prefer the gel type over the powdered ones, seems to stick better.

And then carefully push the stem into the growing medium. I used peat plugs that were soaked in water that was pH’ed to around 5.5 and had a little SuperThrive added.

This year I kept them inside where the temperature stayed right around 80 degrees under the dome, and kept the light that came with the propagation kit on 24x7. Also made sure that the plugs stayed moist, but not sitting in water. Humidity mostly stayed in the 90’s.  

They started sprouting roots right at three weeks.

Over the next few weeks I’d move the ones with roots into small pots filled with perlite and Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil.

We've had torrential rain in South Florida and I lost a few to rot. Next time I’ll keep them covered until they get bigger. Probably end up with about half of what I started with.

Some of them are from my one year old West Kali seedlings (the two on the right)

And the rest are from my two year old Rifat that’s just finishing up flowering.

Now comes the hard part, figuring out what to do with them.


we've all had to deal with ye

we've all had to deal with yellowing leaves. Well I finally found a solution. You can see the yellow leaves with green veins and then the new growth which is the lovely deep green we all desire. This was accomplished by my new secret weapon, ammonium sulfate. Which has an NPK number of 21-0-0 this is a 7ft tree and I sprinkled 3 tablespoons ammonium sulfate around it halfway between the trunk and the drip line. As you can see the new growth now looks like it's supposed to. I'm in the middle of trying this on some javanika and I expect the same results


Picking A 10ft kratom tree before transport.

Picking a 10ft kratom tree before transport

We are picking this 2 year old 10ft tall kratom tree before we transport it. We do this so that the leaf does not get damaged during transport. 40mph winds can damage kratom leaf. It is best to wrap them up if you can. You can see us drive the tree here: and you can see the tree vertical where I failed to move it here: . This tree is one of 3 that we have to move and I will post the other moves when I film them. Thank you to Joshua for helping me out.



Sourcing in Florida

Hey all, I'm new here. Hoping I'm posting in the right place. I'm located in Venice, Florida and looking for someone within an hour or two that I can get some clones or root cuttings from. Thanks all!


Status Update! We got the kratom tree moved. Met someone with a engine lift and we lifted it off of the ground. We still had to drag it to the truck but we got it moved.

Status Update! We got the kratom tree moved. Met someone with a engine lift and we lifted it off of the ground. We still had to drag it to the truck but we got it moved.


Customer review or! is an excellent company. Their customer service is the best I’ve seen in a long time out of any company with similar offerings, and actually compared to any company I’ve ordered online from for that matter. They are very kind, communicative, and helpful.  You can tell they truly care about what they offer and stand tall 100% behind their products. They have a lot of heart and truly put their great energy into this. Although I haven’t  been able to order every product they offer, I would confidently recommend them over any company in the USA that provides these alternative plant medicines. The real medicines.
-Caleb van Gelder


Failed kratom tree pick up

I tried picking up this kratom tree today but I physically could not get it off the ground. Not even a inch. Anyone have any suggestions on how it could be moved?


Watering questions?

I have some 3 month old kratom cuttings.  I have a moisture  meter and 4 days after watering the top half is 4/10 moisture(fairly dry feeling) but the bottom half is still like 9 of 10.  Is it common to only need watering once a week if grown indoors under led?  Or do I go ahead and water and leave the bottom constantly  very wet? I don't want rot issues.

Pot has good drainage and mix is ocean forest with maybe 15 to 20 percent added perlite. 


Kratom alley

need to do some pruning on some of these so they bush out a little bit more


Kratom disease identification

I've lost one tree to this disease whatever it may be.

And I have another that is in the process of dying. It seems to die from the end of the branches inward one branch at a time.

It seems to be attacking the bark or that layer between the bark and the tree not really sure. The bark splits and looks like it's eating away.

I should note that I had a Japanese plum we're also called a loquat tree in this spot that died a few years ago from what look like to be the same shit. Up to this point I've tried everything I could think of as far as sprays and now I'm just letting it go to see if this one happens to survive. It does manage to produce a new growth in spots. Any input?



Grasshopper had too much Kratom

The big guy hasn't moved anything other than his antenna.


Huge leaves

one of my Kratom trees which is 4 years old started producing these giant leaves. They sure are beautiful

Another tree which is a little over a year old also started developing larger leaves


Kratom growers Facebook group.

Hello. I created a Facebook group for kratom growers just wanted to invite you all to it 🙂.


Growing indoors?

anyone else growing indoors? Could use a little advice. My tree has reached the height that I want so I have topped it off. My question, is there a was to encourage more bushy growth? I'm limited on space and I want to maximize leaf production. Any other advice is also welcome. Or if you just want to chat that is also cool. Hope you all are having a wonderful day!


Re: [She’s back from the dead!](/topic/4477/she-s-back-from-the-dead) always nice to see success. I have yet to have any of my plants Bloom yet.


Failed air layering still prod

Failed air layering still produced some great growth.


Is anyone else freaking out about the aliens??

Is anyone else freaking out about the aliens??!!!!! 


She’s back from the dead!

And starting to flower again. 


New grower

Hey guys my names Nolan. I live in Ventura county in Southern California and I have been using Kratom for about 4 years now to treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and other health issues I have. I literally just downloaded this app after seeing it on Kratom the Trees YouTube channel and I really think it’s amazing to have a community like this for Kratom. I want to grow my own plants and any help/resources anyone can give would be much appreciated! If anyone’s down to trade seeds or starts I have Cannabis as well as tons of other vegetable, herb and flowers and other plant seeds that id be down to trade. If any of you guys have any links to info about growing too that you just think would be useful please let me know as well! I hope you all have a  beautiful day, I’m happy to be here. 


​Looking for a Socratic curiosity!

Looking for a Socratic curiosity!


Kratom Dragonfly

Me and the dragonflies are patiently waiting for my buds to start opening.


Weird tree trouble

I've been running into the weirdest three problems lately. I have two trees that are just dying on me. As you will see in the video they don't look good. The soil pH is 6 to 6.2 and I have given them a dose of iron and black cow. They're on an automatic watering system getting water daily. I've never had or seen this type of problem. Any ideas?


Leaving dormancy

It's about time these things started to wake up. I still have a number of trees that don't have a single leaf on them, yet. This one you can see the results of pruning. I'm going to have lots of branches on this one. Most of mine are coming out rather yellow right now though. Not really sure what's going on but they all got a dose of iron, we'll see.



Just in case anyone wonders if soil and amendments really make a difference when growing.
I moved my Kratom plants into bigger containers a couple months ago and had enough leftover soil for one container, so I planted some extra lemon balm and chamomile plants. That’s the container on the right. The soil was Fox Farms Ocean Forest with extra perlite, worm castings, a little blood meal and a few tablespoons of Azomite.
I still had some extra plants so I put them into the container on the left. I just used some Kellog potting soil from Home Depot. Cheapest they had.
All plants were from the same seeds and started together in Jiffy peat pods. Planted in same size fabric containers at same time and getting same sun, water, and nutrients.
I don’t know if it’s really worth the extra cost just for herbs. But I’ll always pay a few buck more and use the good stuff for my Kratom plants.


well a large branch on one of

well a large branch on one of my oldest and largest Kratom trees decided to split. Pretty upsetting that's such a large branch broke.

At first I thought I might be able to tie it up but it was just too large so then I cut off most of it and attempted again and it just wasn't going to work. So it turned into an early Harvest and some trimming.

So now I got this big gaping open side on my tree. Started looking at some of the other larger branches and I'm starting to consider trimming some of those to avoid this from happening again. Anybody else run into this?


Take a few leaves to boil into

Take a few leaves to boil into kratom tea water. taken in the morning and at night before going to bed.


Kratom abuse 101. I have 20 K

Kratom abuse 101. I have 20 Kratom plants in 1 gallon pots that I have sadly abused. Actually it's more neglected than anything else. They're on a automatic watering system where they get water twice a day so that is what has kept them alive thus far. So now they're more of experimentation plants. I have taken a couple and planted them around the yard and they rebound quite well. If anyting this little experiment should show just how resilient this plant really is.

All 20

Hell, this one is growing horizontally. There are actually a couple of them in this batch that are doing this.

All of them are discolored with Crispy edges on some of the leaves and rather lanky.

If anyone is near the Tampa Florida area I will let you adopt one or two.


My West Kali’s look like they

My West Kali’s look like they have blood in their veins. 

With Halloween coming up I might need to hang some garlic from the branches. 


Last summer I picked up a 10

Last summer I picked up a 10 pound bag of Azomite rock dust from Amazon for around 20 bucks. I know it sounds crazy to buy rock dust but this stuff sounded pretty amazing. It comes from a desert in Utah that was once an ancient seabed where the ash and other material from a volcanic eruption had settled.

Most fertilizers replenish nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), but generally don’t add secondary nutrients, micronutrients, or any of the other trace minerals and elements that plants need. Azomite contains around 70 and seems to be the best and least expensive way to replenish them in soil. 

With that said, I’m guessing that good quality potting soil already has what plants need, at least before it gets used up. But my property is basically built on compacted construction debris with a layer of crappy St. Augustine grass on top. And even if some of the minerals are already there it looks like there isn’t any harm in adding more. I’ve been using it in my containers, around my Kratom tree, and scratching it into my herb garden and everything is growing well.

You don’t need to use too much of it. I do a few heaping tablespoons around my tree, and a couple teaspoons scratched into to top of containers. Still have about half the bag, and that’s after a year of using it and giving some away.

Do your plants really need everything in Azomite? Probably not, but they definitely need some. The importance of minor nutrients has been known for a couple centuries. There’s an old theory called ‘Law of the Mimimum’ that essentially applies the saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” to cultivation. You can add all the major nutrients your plant can handle, but the lack of just one minor can prevent it from thriving. 


The theory was popularized by Justus von Liebig who is considered to be the father of the fertilizer industry and modern agriculture.

It was based on work by another German chemist, Carl Sprengel.

We owe quite a bit to these dudes. Next time you have some kratom tea, lift your glass to them and shout Prost!


To plant or not to plant? I ha

To plant or not to plant? I have over 20 plants that are about 3 ft tall in pots that I would like to plant. But, it's kind of late in the season to do that. Hell I have 20 + freshly rooted cuttings I need to put into pots. I should have better planned ahead. I am in zone 9B so generally I should be okay but temperatures have gotten down into the high twenties here.

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Spring time Kratom Leaf & Cuttings Lotto

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