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How to ship Rooted Kratom Plants – USA

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Packaged Rooted Kratom cutting ready to ship across the us

How to ship Rooted Kratom Plants

How to ship Rooted Kratom Plants

It is not hard to ship plants in the mail. In this video below we show you how to ship rooted kratom plants in the mail. First you start by prepping your shipping container. A good easy way is to use large two liter soda bottles. Cut the soda bottles in half and place the base of your rooted kratom plant in the bottom of the soda bottle. It is best to add some lightly damp to dry paper towel to the bottom to add as padding around the base. Next tape in your cutting with packing tape along the top of the cut in half soda bottle and top of your cuttings pot. Add tape till you cover the soil completely, but remember to leave room for the stem. Next you will add the top of the soda bottle to create a protective shell to protect the top of the plant. Tape up both halves of the soda bottle with packing tape to seal them together. Now you are all set to ship these cuttings in the mail.