Flowering Unrooted Kratom Cutting

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unrooted flowering kratom cutting take from a tree

Flowering Unrooted Kratom Cutting


Flowering Unrooted Kratom Cutting


Flowering Unrooted Kratom Cutting – Yes you read the title correctly. We are selling American Grown Cuttings that are also flowering. This is a seasonal exclusive. Not only will you receive a American Grown Kratom cutting but on the cutting will be seed pods still attached to the cutting. Each seed pod has the possibility of fifty to one hundred seeds if brought to maturity. A limited quantity will be available. These cuttings are unrooted. And it is one cutting per order.


Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings – Water Jug Method

Take your cutting and place it inside of a 1 gallon jug of rain or pond water. DO NOT USE regular store water or water from the tap.
For more information on unrooted kratom cuttings. Check out our WIKI guide.

Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings - Water Jug Method

Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings – Water Jug Method


Typically takes up to around 3 weeks for the cuttings to begin to root.


Add 1 gallon of rain or pond water to your gallon jug. DO NOT USE regular store water or water from the tap. There are chemicals that will kill the plants. Check your water levels once a week. Replace any water that has evaporated from the jug.


You can add as many cuttings to the gallon jug that will hold at the top. However we recommend only a few per gallon. As this will make it easier to inspect and remove your cuttings without damaging any roots on the other cuttings. Roots are quite fragile and will come off easily. If your cuttings do not touch the bottom on the gallon that is fine. You only need 1/3 of the cutting to be above water. Anywhere that the water touches, roots will develop over time.

Lighting Options

Artificial lighting methods allow for quicker rooting. However a South facing window will suffice.


Once your cuttings establish roots, you will want to move them to a 3inch pot. Plant the entire pod and rootball in the new pot (potting soil works best). Here are some videos to help you.


Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings - Water Jug Method

While examining your cutting you will notice that anywhere the water is touching. Any wooded growth will turn into green new growth. After a while in the water it will develop white little bumps. These are roots. They will turn into little white worms. We recommend letting the roots gain a bit of length before placing them in soil.

Note from the grower

Your unrooted cuttings have already been cut back to the freshest node, and covered in rooting hormone.

While in the water jug. The leaf on the cuttings will look droopy. This is normal. This is due the water evaporating.

Where does the money from your order go to?

We are a small self funded American Kratom nursery. Our team does not take payment for our work. Everything we make goes back into the nursery, Documenting kratom, Our kratom social media platform Kratom Watchdog, Our kratom avatar chat Kynto, and our other kratom advocacy projects.’

What happens if there is an issue with you order?

We guarantee to get to your leaf to your door healthy and green. But, sometimes things can happen. If there is ever an issue with your order please contact our team immediately. We ask that you email us at kozykratom@gmail.com or call /text us at (603)733-4665. Texting is preferred. It is helpful if you also include a photo of the situation and your order number. Our helpful staff will try to respond within the hour.

How long should I expect Shipping to take?

All orders will only ship out Monday – Saturday in batches.  Each order will receive a notification and tracking number once the order goes out. Before contacting our staff we recommend that you check your email and spam filter encase you might have missed us. You can reach our staff at our email kozykratom@gmail.com or by call/ texting (603)733-4665. We would prefer you send us a text as its easier for our staff to respond to and reference back to in case of future issues. We are available Mon – Sun 8am – 11 pm EST.  A member of our helpful staff would be more than happy to talk with you anytime.

Kratom Watchdog Android & IOS

Kratom Watchdog Android & IOS

Kratom Watchdog Android & IOS

Have you heard of the Kratom Watchdog app? Kratom Watchdog is a kratom social network built from the ground up by one of the founding member of the non-profit American Kratom Association (AKA). A booming social community with a focus on kratom advocacy. Kratom Watchdog is the oldest kratom social media platform online. With over 400 videos and over 200,000 photo’s from our own kratom Nursery. And 7,000 members we have a very strong growers community that are always willing to help. Kratom Watchdog is available on Android, IOS, and at kratomwatchdog.com. We are a small self funded development studio. If you would like to donate to the development of the platform we would appreciate it. Thank you for your continued support.
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3D Drone Mapping American Kratom Nursery’s

Taking to the sky! Utilizing drones, we are able to document our American kratom nursery’s from a different angle.  These drones are able to 3D map our kratom nursery using a technology called LIDAR. Applying these 3D models into our Kratom Avatar Chat Kynto. Our goal is to map out our entire nursery and insert the nursery into the world for users to interact with these trees. Allowing them to take guided or self guided tours. The cool part, is that we can then translate that information into virtual reality (VR). Available on the PlayStation VR, Oculus Platforms, and Google Cardboard.

We will be opening up our tools and software to allow other nurseries and growers to map out their kratom nursery. Interested in having us out to document your nursery? Contact us here or contact us on the Kratom Watchdog app.


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