Walter with kratom tree in suite for botanical queens video

@BotanicalQueens Collab! – Explaining American Kratom Leaf

For this video we are partnering with @BotanicalQueens on Youtube ( ). Thank you so much Emily from for allowing us to come on and talk about American Kratom. And highlight one of our 11 year old 40ft pink vein kratom trees. It is one of the tallest and oldest kratom trees in the United States. In this video, we go over what our American Kratom nursery looks for in picking fresh organic American Kratom Leaf. How to shape your kratom trees growing at home for a long term viability when picking. What some of the differences when it comes to kratom. We encourage you to sit back, relax, and understand the intricacy’s of mature kratom leaf. We hope that you learn something. Solicitation notice: Please do not ask where to buy in the comments. These comments will be deleted and could harm the channel.